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    Launch application from menu MTM & Sendui

    Hi all,

    I am developing on S603rd ed.

    I want to add a new menu item in the messaging application that sens voice messages, for this to work the requirements is when the user selects "send voice" a third party application is launched.

    Same applies to the SendUI, i want to add the same menu item and have the same behavior.

    For the first option i read that MTM can add the menu item, but how can i launch a third party application, not the regular message editors.

    Same applies for SendUI.

    Any suggestions?

    Just a small note: the third party application will dial a predefined IVR number.

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    Re: Launch application from menu MTM & Sendui

    As a first approach, you can simply try what happens (the Wiki contains examples for launching an application). Also note that if the given application is your code, you may also succeed in packaging it in the MTM "for real".

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