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    Obtaining Cell ID in Nokia S60 3/E FP1

    Dear Friends,
    I am trying to obtain Cell ID using "system.getProperty(key)" method on as many cell phones as possible. (by trying as many keys possible)

    What is particularly interesting is that in many cases "null" is returned. but in Nokia E71 I could get the correct Cell ID, while same program (with the same key) returned null on Nokia E90 Communicator. As both these devices are S60/3e/FP1 and support same APIs (as mentioned in http://www.javaverified.com/supp_devices.jsp), what could be the difference?

    Best Regards,

    P.S:My Midlet is not signed. If they are self signed or if I buy a License, would it return a valid cell ID? if yes, where can I find a list of phones that support this property?

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    Re: Obtaining Cell ID in Nokia S60 3/E FP1

    afaik the only signing that might help is letting it get signed by a manufacturer (eg nokia) and/or provider...

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