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    Cell ID in S40/5ed

    Dear friends,
    Can one obtain cell-id in S40/5e this way?


    Does my MIDLET need to be signed and/or trusted?
    Is it the same for all S40/3e also?(same key and signing regulation)

    best regards
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    Re: Cell ID in S40/5ed

    This is a repeatedly asked question. A quick search would have helped you.

    I typed "cell id nokia" into Google. One of the top hits was Getting Cell ID in Java ME from the Forum Nokia Wiki. This should tell you what you need to know.

    Cell ID is not available on Series 40s, without signing by Nokia or the operator.


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    Re: Cell ID in S40/5ed

    Dear Graham,
    I sure did see the document you just mentioned. but as you notice, devices supported were "Series 40 3rd Edition, FP1 and S60 3rd Edition, FP2".
    In my question I asked if S40/5e is also the same. (about key support and signing policy).

    my other part of the question was about S40/3e in which in this document didn't have any FP1. so I wanted to know which of these fall in this criteria.

    but anyway, thank you for taking your time and answering my question

    Best regards,

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