I am researching some WLAN capabilities for E51 - I do not have such a device. If I compare the specs of the application with what I see I can configure for WLAN APN in E61 I see:

- E61 uses the wording "Realm". Is this the same as security domain?
- E61 does not provide EAP-MSCHAP v2 (also E95 does not). I assume E51 does provide this?

You access the list of supported EAP plugins if you have defined a WLAN access point under Tools | Settings | Connection | Access points - choose "WLAN security sett.", then "EAP plug-in settings". Enable the specific EAP plugin, then choose Configure from the Options menu.

On E61/N95 it does not list EAP-MSCHAP v2. Which phones do support this?