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    Remote SyncML Capability...


    I'm a software engineer for an internet services company in the U.S. and I'm trying to gain some technical information about Nokia phones with regard to SyncML. Primarily I'd like to have a complete list of all Nokia phones which support remote sync via SyncML by default, then which one's can do this via an upgrade from Nokia. Secondarily I'd like to know which phones are SyncML 1.0 compliant and which ones are SyncML 1.1 compliant.

    If there is already a technical document which provides me with this information I'd be happy to look it over myself if I could just be pointed to it. Otherwise I'll rely on the expertise and knowledge of the Nokia development support staff.

    Thank You,

    Nathan Aschbacher
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    Dotster, Inc.

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    RE: Remote SyncML Capability...

    Check this link: http://www.syncml.org/interop/interop-compliant.html#2

    As far as I know there is no any type of "upgrade" to SyncML supported phone

    You may find all information you were looking for on www.syncml.org

    Good Luck

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