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    Working Google Maps Midlet?


    For the tutuorial on google maps found here

    Does anyoen have the code to get this to work in a Midlet properly, startApp(), pauseApp() etc

    If anyone could explain how to get this working or has any tips or code it would be much appreciated


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    Re: Working Google Maps Midlet?

    Hi there,

    I would like to bring your attention also the recently publiced set of Nokia Location APIs, that would enable you with tools to do exactly what you have asked :

    You can retrieve Nokia Maps tiles (images) using the Nokia Map Image API.

    Here is an example article on how to use the Map Image API with Java ME


    There is a comprehensive API reference and example code available.

    Here is a link via which you can access this API and the other Nokia Location APIs aswell:


    Direct link to licensing information:


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    Re: Working Google Maps Midlet?

    Hi octermircty and welcome to Nokia's Discussion Boards,

    I have now updated the page and included the source code as well as the installation .jad and .jar files on the page:

    http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...API_in_Java_ME (look at the article's metadata on the right side)

    I would too suggest using Nokia Maps API for Java ME, though, which is a complete Maps library.

    You can download the API from here:

    There is an similar example that has been coded with Nokia Maps API for Java ME, which uses much less code. You can find the example here:


    There is also another example that uses the Nokia Maps API for Java ME here:
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