I have been testing a JSR184 graphics program using the S60
emulator and have now transfered the working program to my
N82. To my surprise, loading of a texture png fails.

The code is quite straight forward

String texfile = "file:///e:/texture.png";
try {
Image2D[] image2d = (Image2D) Loader.load(texfile)[0];
} catch(Exception e) {


When this is run on the emulator, it would seem the file is
opened and read twice (checking for more than one image)
The same is true on the N82 except the Loader.load fails
java.io.IOException file already in use

This failure suggests that the N82 JSR184 Loader code is
not closing the file before the second open.

I have modified my routine the read the texture file into
a byte[] and then given the byte[] to the Loader - this works