I'm developing a Qt app for S60 (3rd edition FP2) and I'd like to use my own application icon.

I know this has been discussed elsewhere, but the documentation seems to be conflicting. I've tried...




...but neither works for me. I've tried creating my own SVGs and tried using the SVG file from an existing example app. I've also rebuilding from clean, restarting the phone, deleting the app and reinstalling, etc.

mifconv seems to work fine (and, yes, I've checked to make sure I've used the right file names and paths).

I guess the problem is that qmake is overwriting the pkg file(s). How can I set the values for the mif and mbm files (to use the bitmap example) if not in the pkg file?

Are there definitive instructions somewhere, explaining how to set a custom application icon?

Sam Dutton