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    VoIP Audio Service problem - full-duplex not possible.


    I experience problems with VoIP Audio Service library.

    I can either record (up stream) or play sounds (down stream). But not both at the same time.

    CVoIPAudioDownlinkStream class should call FillBuffer method from MVoIPDownlinkObserver interface to indicate, that you can pass more data. And it does. But not when I start CVoIPAudioUplinkStream. When I stop CVoIPAudioUplinkStream it start calling FillBuffer again.

    I did some additional tests and found, that you can just not call BufferEmptied and get the same results.

    No errors are reported, I tried this on several mobile phones (different types) and always had the same problem. Does anybody know a solution?

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    Re: VoIP Audio Service problem - full-duplex not possible.

    Even i have same problem i have read so many articles in this forum for full duplex communication but nothing seems to help me since now CMMDevsound is deprecated and even APS How can i achieve full duplex communication . Any source code will do a great help. since i have alreday full duplex example using CMMDevSound which wont work

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    Re: VoIP Audio Service problem - full-duplex not possible.

    I have the same issue. Is there any update on that?

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