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    exedll application

    I'm trying to port a little game that have some global variabiles so I want to try to develop an exedll app. I have checked this post http://nkn.forum.nokia.com/devrel/threadshow.cfm?msg=54480896437&MsgBoard=7252379684228816&idDispSub=5061606466647644 but when I compile for wins the emulator don't show the icon program.
    I have provide a unique uid, I'm sure. Have I to code a "starter app" for wins too? Are there some special settings on .mmp that I should set?

    I'm using the series60 1.0 sdk.

    Thanks in advance.

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    RE: exedll application


    Couple of things to check:

    Make sure you are using the correct UID when building for WINS - mainly the 2nd UID must be 0x100039ce (application type DLL).

    Secondly, make sure you are installing the application to the right directory. For example, if your application name (TARGET) is MyApp, define the TARGETPATH in the .mmp as \system\apps\MyApp. The target name and path must match, otherwise the icon may not show up.

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