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    Drag & Drop files into Nokia Phone Browser (File manager)


    Windows XP SP3

    I am making some little own project. I have files and folders in my program, and I want to drag & drop those files from my own software to other programs.

    I get drag & drop working to other programs, but not into Nokia's file manager (Nokia Phone Browser). My drag & drop works even to PC Suite. I also noted, that other programs also fails drag & drop to Nokia's file manager (for example, filezilla, ftp-client... and svn programs ...). However, Drag & Drop seems to work from explorer to Nokia's file manager.

    I am using normal drag & drop OLE componets for this (IDataObject, IDropSource and IEnumFORMATETC), but I do use only HDROP as data structure. Should I use other data structures for drag & drop too? as I know, HDROP is the only important structure for drag & drop, so it should be enough, but I would like to know, what are those data structures that Nokia file manager requires during drag & drop.

    All those non-working programs sends only HDROP.


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    Re: Drag & Drop files into Nokia Phone Browser (File manager)

    Forum Nokia is for on device development. There aren't many Windows developers here. I'm not sure where you go to get help with the PC side of things other than a Windows forum.


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    Re: Drag & Drop files into Nokia Phone Browser (File manager)

    I do agree that I didn't find 100% correct forum for this question, however, there was no forum for PC Suite Windows questions. To me, This problem is not in the windows API, it's in the Nokia Phone Browser and Nokia Phone Browser comes with PC Suite.

    And I would like to know, what other structures Nokia Phone Browser requires than HDROP.

    HDROP is the only structure that is required to be with file's drag & drop. However, there may be other structures aswell.

    Programs can reject or accept drag & drop files (and in this case, Nokia Phone Browser rejects all drag & drops from all other programs than explorer, and I think, it's because Nokia Phone Browser requiers additional structures during drag & drop, because all other programs sends only HDROP during drag & drop, and it's only required strcuture during normal file drag & drop)

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