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    Palette of the Nokia color display - please answer

    Are the palette of the Nokia 7210 Content Authoring SDK equivalent to real phone palette? I mean 4096 color of real phone.
    How can I optimize image file to Nokia's color palette or where from I can rective palette specification (RGB description)?
    Thank you for answering.
    Zevelev Ilya

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    RE: Palette of the Nokia color display - please answer

    Hi, The colors are mapped to the Windows Palette.
    The same color may differ slightly from what you view with your eye when rendered on the 7210 SDK versus the actual handset.

    Optimizing...I am not sure if there is a way to "optimize" the color so that the colors map 100% true.
    Perhaps you could make a small color chip pallet on a Canvas, display it on your handset and SDK at the same time. Tweak the color on your PC monitor so that it closely matches the handset.

    I hope this helps.

    Mike Lupo,
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