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    Lightbulb Webinar - Reaching Further with Flash on Nokia Devices

    Hi All,

    Attention Flash Lite developers! This coming Wednesday and Thursday (January 28th and 29th) join Nokia technical experts in this webinar to look at the new S60 5th Edition Platform Services and how Flash developers can make use of them. Nokia will give an overview of the opportunities on offer and the techniques used to access location, sensor, calendar, contacts, and other functionality in your Flash and web applications. Join us to learn about some practical examples of how you can use S60 Platform Services to extend what Flash Lite can do on Nokia platforms.

    Register for this webinar here:

    EMEA Session
    10 a.m. London, noon Helsinki


    Americas Session
    7 a.m. San Francisco, 9 a.m. Dallas, 10 a.m. New York


    Best Regards,


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    Re: Webinar - Reaching Further with Flash on Nokia Devices

    why the sensor accessing method behave synchronous although the call is asynchronous (slows down very much the flash application)

    somehow the FPS is not stable at all, from 3-4FPS to 11-12FPS...

    sample(sample from nokia library and added some ball movement): http://www.shpe.ro/test/test1.swf source: http://www.shpe.ro/test/test1.fla (run it on nokia5800 to see its behavior)

    or... I did something wrong in my code? or the flash is to slow in working with extensions?

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