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    application development for 2nd edition mobile phones

    hi, i'm trying to develop an application for 2nd edition cell phones the problem is the ide i'm using creates .sis files for 3rd edition phones... i'm using carbide c++ version 2.0... i need a version that creates .sis files for 2nd edition phones... please help...

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    Re: application development for 2nd edition mobile phones

    What is 2nd edition? :-)

    Now seriously, Carbide doesn't support 2nd edition, at least officially, so you'll either have to do some hacking, or just create the sis manually. You can use some examples in the sdk for pkg templates.

    BTW I recall some posts from Lucian about this. You may want to check his entries at FN blogs.

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    Re: application development for 2nd edition mobile phones

    Carbide.c++ 1.2.2 is available in the Tools Archive and it does enable development of S60 2nd Edition application. Hacking Carbide.c++ is an option but not recommended for beginners.

    The biggest problem is the SDK you use as it is the SDK that determines what type of SIS will be built (if that is really the problem). Make sure you have the right S60 2nd Edition [FP1|FP2|FP3] for your phone.
    -- Lucian

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