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Thread: smidi module?

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    smidi module?


    I am looking for the python module that allows you to pla midi tones. I found this thread-->


    but what I would like to know is how to get the smidi module onto the phone so that I can use it?

    Thanks again,


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    Re: smidi module?

    Download it from here, get it onto the phone and tell Python where to look for it:
    #If you put it in C:\Python
    import sys
    import smidi
    Now you can use it like a regular module.

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    Re: smidi module?

    Thanks a lot Bogdan. Your suggestion worked perfectly.

    One more thing however:- Is there any way to select what instrument plays the note??

    Regards, Davie.

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    Re: smidi module?

    Has this changed since then? I'm trying to get this working under 1.9.4 but keep getting "No module named smidi".

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