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    Plain old monophonic ring tones

    Hello all,
    I've been browsing for half a day now on the web with no results...

    So how and where on Earth I can find and download plain old monophonic Nokia ring tones like Attraction, Persuation, Ring Ring, Intro, etc?...

    Just bought a new Nokia, a 6300, and I can't stand new polyphonic tones. I still keep my beloved 12 years old Nokia 6150 and the only solution I could think of was to record it's sound with the new Nokia but it's not loud enough... too good I work in advertising so next time I'll be in a sound studio I think I'll just have to ask the guys to record the tone for me on their profy devices...


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    Re: Plain old monophonic ring tones

    If yo don't find something it might be an indication that you're searching in the wrong place. Forum Nokia is a site for software developers. What you are looking for is product support (http://www.nokia.com/support) or end-user discussion boards (like http://discussions.europe.nokia.com).

    Btw, have a look at http://mosh.nokia.com, you might find some recycled ringtones there too.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Plain old monophonic ring tones

    Thanks a lot!
    And here's another one I discovered, in case anybody else is missing the old Nokia tones: www.madringtones.org


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