I've come across a couple of things that have left me baffled. Please note that I use jquery.

1) I upgraded to jquery 1.3, and ever since then I have been unable to parse through xml responses, i.e $('response', xml) just doesn't execute, the widget doesn't crash or anything, it just hangs. When I downgrade to jquery 1.2.6 it works fine.

2) My widget performs the following steps: logs the user in (makes 1 ajax request), then grabs certain information pertaining to that account (2nd ajax request), displays another div with some links (this is the main UI of the widget). Both of these ajax requests execute fine, I get the data necessary, and we're all happy. However, once I'm logged in, when I click on any other link that performs an ajax request, I get "WidgetUI No gateway reply."

I'm essentially recoding an existing widget I've already built. The old widget works fine throughout, however, in the new widget, I get the No gateway reply error.

What is causing this? The code I'm running at this point is fairly simple and straightforward, but what confuses me is that I'm able to make 2 ajax requests, then none after that.

Any help would be appreciated.