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While porting pygame to 1.9.x, I noticed that the screen did not update as often as it should be. No problem with old 1.4.5 and estlib. The cause of the issue seems to be that floats do not work when passed as a parameter. The screen update works OK on the emulator but not on my E51.

There seems to be a couple of float related bugs open in the bug tracker too.

A simple test:

def test_float(value):
    print 1.9 + value
In all, except the last one, the printed value is 1.0. If this would be a formatting issue, the value would be at least 2.0 in all cases. Happens on device, simulator seems to work ok.

Tracker entry
This is the problem with one of the OpenC API. The fix for this will be available in 1.5 OpenC release, which will be given in one of the python dot releases