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    vCard and vCal protocols?

    does anyone know anything about the vCard/Cal protocols in wap 1.2?
    also does anone know of any spec documents for this?
    any help would be much apprieciated

    Posted by morgan priddle, morgfleet@hotmail.com
    on August 09, 2000 at 14:19

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    RE: vCard and vCal protocols?

    Posted by Bazz Immers, psychaos@hotmail.com
    on August 09, 2000 at 14:23

    The vCard and vCal protocols (specs) are already available in Wap 1.1, if the phone allows it. Both specs are Wap independent and already work with Smart messaging as well (try sending a calender event to a phone that does not have a built in calender and check ou the message that arrives - it includes the syntax for the vCal format).
    To use these files on your web server you need to add a MIME type. Normally, when downloading a file through Wap, the phone should recognise this. Note that this doens't always work.

    be sure to read the vCard and vCal specs as well, available on the Internet Messaging Standards website.

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