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Hi all, Here I am trying to sign my application which is created in S60 2nd Framework3. I am trying to run on N20 Nokia. It is working fine on emulator, and I can install on device but no run on device. How to sing my sis file which is I created using makesis command? On device shows for the application, "No certificate available"? what to do to run my application on device? Please guide me Thanks bye Regards Rajat.

please don't post questions as Wiki articles, we have the discussion board for that.

The answer to your question is:
a) generate the certificates using the makekeys.exe tool (details in SDK's help)
b) declare the cetificates to be used in the *.pkg file (special statement, see PKG format in SDK help for details)
c) call makesis.exe, it will generate the sis file and sign it automaticaly

Now, once you study this and put it in practice you are welcome to create a wiki page with usage instructions. What do you say?