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    WRT Animated GIF (GIF89a) Support?

    I've been trying to get animated GIFs (GIF89a format) to display in WRT (1.0 and 1.1) and I'm having some unexpected results. It should be noted that non-animated GIFs (GIF87a format) do indeed render as expected - both transparent and opaque.

    • Animated GIFs with opaque backgrounds do display, but do not animate.
    • Animated GIFs with transparent backgrounds do display, but have rendering errors.
    • Animated GIFs both transparent and opaque do not always animate on 5800 XpressMusic.

    Are animated GIFs (GIF89a format) officially supported in Web Runtime? Doing a search of the forum I haven't run across anything stating that they were not. I'm trying to incorporate a spinner graphic to provide some feedback that something is indeed happening while the widget fetches data from a server.

    BTW - they do display correctly in the Aptana preview (as expected - Firefox on Windows, Safari on Mac) using the WRT Plug-in, but do not work in the SDK emulators (S60 3rd FP2, S50 5th) or on actual devices (N79, N95 with updated firmware, 5800 XpressMusic).

    I've uploaded a test widget including all gifs along with screenshots from N95 and N79.
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    Re: WRT Animated GIF (GIF89a) Support?

    Just to expand on this, my current experience is that when I set an animated gif as a background in css, it does not animate. However when I display that same image using an <img> tag, it animates properly.

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    Re: WRT Animated GIF (GIF89a) Support?

    First WRT implementations does not fully support animated GIF images. A possible workaround/solution is described in this Forum Nokia Wiki article:



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