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    Question COM port access?


    How can we access COM port in a network through sockets? we must immediately notified about which COM port is alive in a network. I want to access com port of a machine which is connected in a network.

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    Re: COM port access?

    COM port belongs to different technology and sockets belong to different one.

    Sockets are end points for communication in IP based network while COM ports are end points for communication in serial interface network.

    Its like:

    [Computer1] <-> [COM_Port] <-> [Cable/Bluetooth/some_other_technology] <-> [COM_Port] <-> [Computer2]


    [Computer1] <-> [Socket] <-> [IP_Based_Network] <-> [Socket] <-> [Computer2]

    I hope it answers your question...

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    Re: COM port access?


    I think you have posted your query on a wrong forum. Kindly use appropriate forums for your query.

    Anyways regarding your qestion of accessing COM port of a remote computer there are dedicated tools available on the net. These tools emulate a virtual serial port on local computer which is actually connected to the physical serial port of another computer via TCP/UDP. One such tool is


    You can find similar tools on the web.

    Hope that helps,


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