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Thread: J2ME canvas

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    Red face J2ME canvas

    hi guys,
    how to add a canvas to the background to the Form????

    the main question is when i add the components to a Form it won't applied to the full screen. so is there a way to apply a form to the full screen?????


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    Re: J2ME canvas

    You already got answer to your question in this thread:

    I think you are expecting much from J2ME GUI... but truly speaking, your expectations are not much but J2ME GUI has far less features than you would see in other platforms like Windows or Web 2.0

    Also it seems you are not comfortable with UI modules like J2ME Polish and all

    So the only option left is to build your own GUI components in Canvas. You could build separate classes for TextBox, Label, List etc. and then re-use them in different projects as and when required.

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    Re: J2ME canvas

    please do us all a favor, just read the link I gave you in your other thread, that will cover the basics... You can't expect to learn j2me in 15 minutes nor that people here will be coding for you... Take your time, read the basics and what j2me (and it's api's) are all about... If you have questions which cannot be answered by tutorials and information which is freely available on the web then your welcome to ask them here, but as long as it's basic stuff (which you have to learn anyways) then it's better for you to use google and type "j2me tutorial" and "j2me basics"...
    Good luck !

    also canvas and drawing are NOT Networking & Messaging & Security, so don't just drop a thread anywhere but try ur best to at least look like you want to make a good impression and post threads where they are supposed to be ! This isn't you first thread in the wrong forum...

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