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    why i am unable to get data from HTTP POST method?

    i am using the sample from by SDK. i have tested the application with the GET method. its working fine. while for POST method. i am getting "data not found. below is my piece of code. whats the wrong with this code. plese some one help.

    void CHttpClient::StartClientL()
    TBuf<256> url;
    RStringPool strP = iSess.StringPool();

    RStringF method;
    //method = strP.StringF(HTTP::EGET,RHTTPSession::GetTable()); // GET
    method = strP.StringF(HTTP::EPOST,RHTTPSession::GetTable()); // POST

    //iHasARequestBody = EFalse; // for GET
    iHasARequestBody = ETrue; // for POST

    url = _L("");
    //url = _L("");

    // Start the method off
    TBuf8<256> url8;
    InvokeHttpMethodL(url8, method);

    void CHttpClient::GetPostBodyManuallyL()
    if (iFormEncoder)
    delete iFormEncoder;
    iFormEncoder = NULL;

    iFormEncoder = CHTTPFormEncoder::NewL();
    TBuf<256> name;
    TBuf<256> value;
    TBuf8<256> name8;
    TBuf8<256> value8;
    value = _L("MyTest");
    iFormEncoder->AddFieldL(name8, value8);

    void CHttpClient::GetRequestBodyL(RStringF& aMethod)
    if (aMethod== iSess.StringPool().StringF(HTTP::EPOST,RHTTPSession::GetTable()))
    iManualPost = ETrue;

    void CHttpClient::InvokeHttpMethodL(const TDesC8& aUri, RStringF aMethod)
    iDataChunkCount = 0;
    TUriParser8 uri;
    iTrans = iSess.OpenTransactionL(uri, *iTransObs, aMethod);
    RHTTPHeaders hdr = iTrans.Request().GetHeaderCollection();

    // Add headers appropriate to all methods
    SetHeaderL(hdr, HTTP::EUserAgent, KUserAgent);
    SetHeaderL(hdr, HTTP::EAccept, KAccept);

    // Add headers and body data for methods that use request bodies
    if (iHasARequestBody)
    // Content type header
    TBuf8<64> contTypeBuf;
    RStringF contTypeStr = iSess.StringPool().OpenFStringL(contTypeBuf);
    THTTPHdrVal contType(contTypeStr);
    hdr.SetFieldL(iSess.StringPool().StringF(HTTP::EContentType,RHTTPSession::GetTable()), contType);


    MHTTPDataSupplier* dataSupplier = this;
    dataSupplier = iFormEncoder;

    // submit the transaction


    thanks in advance.
    Thanx a lot

    With Best Regards

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    Re: why i am unable to get data from HTTP POST method?

    i have solved my problem
    only what i have changed is content type. i.e.

    _LIT8(KContentType, "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");

    Thanks to me.
    Thanx a lot

    With Best Regards

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