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    Question Problems using VoIP Audio Service.


    I have some questions about using the VAS interface for Audio Streaming.

    My question is related to the downlink which for me seems very unstable and frequently casues my N95 to reboot.
    The downlink is configured to AMR_NB and the problem I'm experiencing is related to when audio is delayed from the network and a callback is made to
    HTML Code:
    FillBuffer(const CVoIPAudioDownlinkStream& aSrc, CVoIPDataBuffer* aBuffer).
    If I don't make a call to
    HTML Code:
    in my downlink I will not recieve the callback any more but if I do make the call to
    HTML Code:
    but I don't have any more audio to pass the terminal will reboot.

    Anybody have any pointers on what can be done in this scenario?

    I also successfully managed to reboot the device by calling GetSupportedBitrates while using AMR_NB on my downlink.

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    Re: Problems using VoIP Audio Service.

    Well just wanted to notify that with a bit of document reading and experimenting I manged to solve my problem with the downlink.

    When FillBuffer is called I had to GetPayloadPtr from the CVoIPDataBuffer* aBuffer that is passed as a parameter to the function.
    Once audio is available I can fill my own buffer (the one in my class) by calling SetPayloadPtr on it and notifying the VAS server that data is available by calling iDwnLink->BufferFilled(...) with my own buffer. After that the playout resumes automatically.

    Hope this helpes someone if you get the sama problem.

    Still if anybody can answer why it is not possible to get supported bitrates from the downlink and more importanly set bitrate on downlink it would be great to know. For me on my N95 these calls result in a phone reboot.



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