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    Question Eclipse + SDK for Nokia 6131 NFC + MJT

    I am trying to install these technologies (Eclipse + MJT + SDK for Nokia 6131 NFC), but in some way I am doing something wróng.

    My OS is Windows Vista.

    - Eclipse is running ok.

    - I can install SDK for Nokia 6131 NFC correctly since I chose the option "Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP (SP2)". I know that this tool is not compatible with Windows Vista... But choosing this option, there are no problems while installing. Eclipse detects the SDK, but I think it does not work properly... If I choose the option "add new Nokia SDK", nothing happens. And I cannot creat a MIDP project either.

    - I downladed MJT but I do not know how to "install" them... I think I just have tu put the JAR files into the appropriate folder in Eclipse... right?

    I would be grateful if I can get any idea to solve these problems. Thank you in advance.


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    Re: Eclipse + SDK for Nokia 6131 NFC + MJT

    Hi Andrea,

    I am using Eclipse IDE in Windows XP with the Nokia plug-in and when I choose "add new Nokia SDK" neither nothing happens.Because of that, I think it isn't problem of your OS.

    I don't know how you can solve your problem, but, I can say you I'm using Netbeans IDE with Nokia NFC SDK and works great for me. I use Eclipse for J2SE implementation(at desktop reader side).

    I hope that could hel you.

    Miguel A.

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    Question Re: Eclipse + SDK for Nokia 6131 NFC + MJT

    Hola! Me parece q también eres español... :-)

    I've tried to do the whole installation in an XP OS, and everything works there. But I still need to make it work in Windows Vista, they are the requirements in the company where I work, so I should accomodate to them. I will keep on searching the solution. I will try to solve it, and if not, I may use NetBeans, as u suggested. Thanks!!

    By the way, an extra problem has appeared in my spanish XP version, due to some symbols such as ó ñ ü... My folder "Local configuration" is called actually "Configuración local", and I get an error while running the emulator:

    Emulator command: C:\Nokia\Devices\Nokia_6131_NFC_SDK_1_1\midp.exe -Xdescriptor
    "C:\%USER_PATH%\Configuración local\temp\ueiemulator140811966783520084.tmp\UIDReader.jad" java.io.IOException: storageOpen(): No such file or directory,
    "C:\%USER_PATH%\Configuraci€n local\temp\ueiemulator140811966783520084.tmp\UIDReader.jad"

    Does anybody know where should I find the path, to solve the problem? This error was already discussed in the next link http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=111758 , but it's written in spanish, so I think more people could collaborate if we read it in english. I did try what they suggest, change the environtment variables into a non-strange-symbol folder, and create a folder with that non-strange-symbol name, but it doesn't work either. The same arror appears.

    (If it is not appropriate to make the post double, just delete ir or send it to the previous link I posted).


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    Re: Eclipse + SDK for Nokia 6131 NFC + MJT

    I have a similar problem in that the SDK/Device is not detected when trying to create a new MIDlet project (Eclipse Pulsar Galileo w/ MJT) and the "Add new SDK" button doesn't work for me either.

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