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    Unhappy $$..inpur frm user..$$

    hello frds......
    i m new in symbian.
    i m creating a small application which sends SMS (as i m beginer).
    bt in this application Recipient No. and Message is default ,
    i mean whatever message and Recipient No u wrote in your code.
    it is working fine.

    now i want 2 take Text Input (Message) and Recipient No. from user (Manualy).
    pls tell me how can i take input from user,so tht he become able 2 type ny message and able 2 send it 2 any1.
    pls post some sample code.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: $$..inpur frm user..$$

    Check this - Querying Strings
    The CAknTextQueryDialog API is designed for querying text strings from the user. The following function shows how to use it...

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