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    CMMFAudioOuput issue

    Hi All,

    Issue: CMMFAudioOuput (used inside my MMF Controller as audio sink) doesn't provide data, after it had been Paused and then Played again. Maybe someone have the same issue?

    PS: I've tried to call CMMFAudioOuput::StopL() method when controller going to be Paused(), in that case audio data is continoues after Play(), but with not correct time stamps - sync is lost.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: CMMFAudioOuput issue

    Hi All,

    I have the same issue, I don't understand why CMMFAudioOutput can't correctly change state on "Paused" without lost data. After each pause losts a lot of data and syncronization and it creates a big problems.
    I won't copy data to tmp buffers.

    It is possible to use this plugin (CMMFAudioOutput) without lost of data?


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