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    problem with Qmenu...suggestions required!!

    I created the QMenu called menu and linked it with options QPushButton which is made LSK.
    when we click the LSK(key_tab)on emulator I am calling the following in eventFilter function

    case Qt::Key_Tab:
    return true;

    the menu pops up, but now if I click the options again its not going inside the eventfilter function and so to the above case.

    when the memu is shown all the LSK clicks are received there only.
    I need to implement is that when the options i.e LSK is pressed second time the menu should close.

    How to disable the key_Tab keypress on the displaying menu??
    Any suggestions please??

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    Re: problem with Qmenu...suggestions required!!


    It's normal for the widget that has focus to recieve the key events... how about installing another event filter for the menu and letting it deal with the key press?

    Please note that in future Qt for S60 releases the softkey and menu handling will change from the current technology previews.


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    Re: problem with Qmenu...suggestions required!!

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you so much for your suggestion..I implemented another filter event on menu and handled it. Its working fine now


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