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    Page caching memory in WAP 2.0 devices

    What is the situation on caching downloaded xhtml/css files on WAP 2.0 devices... is there still necessary to split large pages such as news articles to allow all devices to download them correctly as with earlier WAP 1.0 devices or do they all have sufficiant memory to hold any page that is not ridiculously large? thx/Jimmy

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    RE: Page caching memory in WAP 2.0 devices


    It depends on the phone model how big WML decks/XHTML pages can be viewed and how big the cache is. Please take a look at the Nokia WAP Phone Characteristics document at Forum Nokia web site to find out both of these sizes for each Nokia WAP phone.

    Nokia WAP Phone Characteristics 2.0
    (Forum Nokia -> Technologies -> Browsing/WAP -> Documents)

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