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    CCMRMediaRecorder recording restart

    I'm using the CCMRMediaRecorder class from plugin-pack FP1 2.5 on N95 to record encoded video and audio.
    The recording itself works fine*, but when I try to start the recording again after stopping, the thing hangs.
    The methods of MCMRMediaRecorderObserver, apart from MmroPrepareCompleted, are never called, so I can't really know
    when the state changes. But always after stopping the recorder CCMRMediaRecorder::State return EStateReadyToRecord
    thus meaning that CCMRMediaRecorder::StopL would be synchronous. However, after trying to start recording again, my
    process hangs.

    Am I missing some call between StopL and RecordL or something? The documentation is quite sparse about the state handling.

    * After quite ridiculous amount of trial and error. The API is very broken, but there's not much choice.

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    Re: CCMRMediaRecorder recording restart

    To be exact the "hanging" means that after the second RecordL the recording just won't start, even though CCMRMediaRecorder::State tells EStateRecord. The red light won't come on and no packets arrive in the data sink.

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