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    how to make an application for my 3510i nokia

    I am novice in mobile programming and I want to know everything, in which langage to program, which tools, how to transfert programs from my pc into my cellphone, everything. Thanx for helping me

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    RE: how to make an application for my 3510i nokia


    Nokia 3510i includes support for J2ME applications, not Personal Java. You are better served in the future if you direct your questions to some of the other Java discussion groups in Nokia Knowledge Network.

    Anyway, the only language supported in Nokia 3510i is Java, the Micro Edition version. You can find lots of tools and documentation from Forum Nokia, Sun Microsystems and by searching from Google or other search engine. Easiest way to get into programming Java MIDlets is to buy a book. The Muchow and the Piroumian books are good ones to start with.


    Petteri / Forum Nokia

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