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    Post [moved] Nokia channels "Go To Market" "Selling mobile applications and content"

    Hello all,

    I want to discuss "Selling mobile applications and content" topic. This topic has huge importance for me personally and all S60 community, who plan to make business together with Nokia and S60.

    To get started, lets explore current market channels possibilities. I will describe my vision of each later.
    1) Web based portals: Handango, Mobile2Day, SmartSam, ClickApps/ClickGames etc.
    2) Nokia software market - Website.
    3) Own homesite sales.
    4) Download! client at phone.
    5) NGage client for games.
    6) Operators and Aggregators.

    That pretty much all we have by far.
    1) Web based portals. We have different ones. Greed, New, Good ones.
    Some charge more than 50% of revenue + grab taxes for you ( handango )
    Some are pretty nice, with 30% rates.
    Problem of all these portals are:
    1) release new product, in overcrowded top 10, you will get no customers.
    2) only some amount of techno geeks knows how to search/buy apps on it.
    3) S60 products sells few times worse than UIQ was, and way worse WinMobile.
    With 10 times more devices and users worldwide, software sales are depressing low.
    Some portals have downloads numbers for a products. I take random S60 best seller from one of the major site = 20120 downloads.
    Same kind of best seller for Windows Mobile, same site = 60283 downloads.
    And all these with: In 2008 H1, Symbian had 59% of the worldwide smartphone market and is the clear leader in the Asia-Pacific, EMEA and Latin America regions.” Pete Cunningham, Senior Analyst at Canalys.
    And Nokia having about 80% of symbian market...

    2) Nokia software market - Website.
    Could be putted in line with 1). Same problems of unable to reach most customers.
    Complicated administration. Not clear marketing possibilities. Not shared downloads numbers.

    3) Charges could be as low as 10%, if you set your web shop on site. Major problem is 'correct' traffic.
    Competition with other 'Big sharks' portals inevitable.
    With remarkable lower charges, selling software over own site could give more profit than selling on 1) and 2).

    4) Wow, that's a beast. No statistic shared from Nokia side. Awful user interface. No search available.
    Represented applications and games generally from Nokia Pro members(how much per annual to have it?)
    User see folder "Application" - no, you wont see any apps from Nokia software market here. Only selected ones.
    User have to go at "Nokia software market" and select needed category to reach your application among others, if they didn't give up yet.

    5) You make game? Heh, you could go with "NGage Developer application process" and did not have any responce. "Only approved applicants contacted". Is there tons of qualified developers standing in queue to become NGage developers?
    How decisions made to approve or reject applicant? Noone knows. Chances for startup or small experienced Symbian software company to become NGage developers? So you have a game for sale, you stuck with 1-3). Option 4) is not suitable if your game more than just few kilobytes of crude graphics and sound. I hardly believe user will download 3-5 Mbytes game from "Nokia Software market" part of Downloads! (If he will find it somehow).

    6) Well, this option is not known by me actually. It seems need alot of effords to search/contact/prepare content for each operator/aggregator. And very unclear market value of all these channels, need to investigate each separately.

    What I want to know: Is anything going to change in nearest future?
    1) What is Try For Free project?
    2) OVI version of Application shop from Nokia? ( this could be part of excellent answer to Apple AppStore )
    3) Clear marketing policy/availability for Downloads! and marketing benefits of Nokia Pro. ( could be other part of 2. )
    4) Openness of NGage. Casual gamers are waiting for quality Casual games( Not hardcore ones ). Look at PC casual market figures (bigfishgames?)!
    5) Nokia start care of developers - care of sales! We have enough SDKs, Development Tools, Years of experience, Tons of applications and we unable to deliver them!

    I personally know so many PC developers, who went to apple iPhone with Only reason of Apple AppStore. Because they can sell software. They could give developer profit, S60 cant. Even just announced Android platform - first thing they share is Application shop!

    I hardly believe in Symbian OS and Nokia as devices market leader. Keen for it for almost 10 years of develompent. Lets continue to work together and start new era of Symbian dominance.

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    Re: [moved] Nokia channels "Go To Market" "Selling mobile applications and content"

    I'll use this thread as a medium to boost my country's image.

    I believe Nigeria is good ground for mobile software development. .i.e. if we 'had' developers. I also feel its a viable place for selling specifically tailored mobile content and applications that target various. For instance,

    I've been thinking that if in my university, there were students who were experienced in various areas of mobile development - Symbian C++,
    Java ME, Qt 60,
    PyS60, WRT, FlashLite,
    Themes/Carbide.ui, OpenC, Mobile Web. ,
    just to name a few.

    Then, we build,design, test and deliver to seemlessly integrate these innovative,life-changing applications of mobile technology into areas -
    Banking&Commere, Language&Art,
    Education, Geography, Health,
    Infrastructure/Buildings, Transport,
    Government/Law, Technology,
    Social Amenities(water,electricity,etc).

    Mobile platforms&Applications making people's lives so easy and simple, right down to the 'average nigerian'(having a Nokia 1100).

    Everything residing on a secure,dynamic and robust digital framework.

    Mobile Devices will then be seen beyond just phones, but companions,catalysts and agents of colossal change, in the Nigerian community. Nigeria would be literally 'captured' by mobile development. We get to print 'Symbian' boldly on the map of Nigeria in every literature book&map.

    This sweeping change would span deep into the society to resolve even societal issues that have made the country unstable/unsafe.

    Now this sounds all 'visionary',but is all 'very much possible'. Because i KNOW IT'S POSSIBLE.

    So here's my complaint,
    No Apologizes to Nokia:

    All You Guys Do is SeLL PHONES in MY COUNTRY. - Making ProFIT ! From many people who have no idea of the potential of these devices,and some who can't even afford a Nokia 1100 due to poverty.

    IT'S TRUE NIGERIA IS CONSIDERED UNSAFE AND UNSTABLE BY OUTSIDERS. Basically because of what 'Nigerians' have done to the country and the horrid impression we've given to the world. BUT,this can all change with 'Mobile Devices' :
    Nokia, Look beyond their capabilities,mobile phones, to their potential in Nigeria.

    Allocate more resources to Africa , Nokia , Nigeria in particular. - There people here who desire change.

    Use your Regional Branch in Nigeria to get Nokia Experts to train Students in Universities (who are keenly interested in Mobile Development), and see what we are truly capable of.

    The potential of S60 Devices are being harnessed in other parts of the world, why not Nigeria ;if you guys ,Nokia, 'Really Exist' Here.

    My Nokia Legends story is Nigeria being reinvented by mobile technology,, and this is not fictional, it is very much REAL.


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    Re: [moved] Nokia channels "Go To Market" "Selling mobile applications and content"

    Although it is not that visible in this new design, there is a Forum Nokia University programme. "Events, Trainings & Contests" above, then "Training and Educational Events", "Forum Nokia for Universities".

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    Re: [moved] Nokia channels "Go To Market" "Selling mobile applications and content"

    Quote Originally Posted by SoulBlade View Post
    No Apologizes to Nokia:

    All You Guys Do is SeLL PHONES in MY COUNTRY. - Making ProFIT !

    As far as I'm aware there is some work being done in Africa, so I'd suggest you approach Nathan Eagle for example (see http://blogs.forum.nokia.com/blog/na...rum-nokia-blog ) who's been active in your continent over the last years. He'll most probably be of help.

    Now getting to the original topic..

    Quote Originally Posted by ValentinK View Post
    I want to discuss "Selling mobile applications and content" topic.
    Unfortunately you're not the first one to point out about the dreadful quality of the Software Market, let alone the Download! application. This has been raised many times already but unfortunately Nokia doesn't seem to react so far. Let's hope this changes soon.

    Instead of repeating what's been already said by others, here are some links to add to the discussion:


    This one also provides a good outline: http://www.visionmobile.com/blog/200...re-phenomenon/

    Hopefully everything's not lost.. As you pointed out Ovi could be such alternative. At least in my opinion, the music store and its desktop client seem to aim in the right direction. Why an application section hasn't been added yet is beyond me.

    Lastly, being late to the AppStore party might also help avoiding others' mistakes:

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    Re: [moved] Nokia channels "Go To Market" "Selling mobile applications and content"

    I checked those aspects before writing. Directed to resource materials for universities.

    The problems that exist in this is the difficulty in getting the University/Faculty to incoroperate mobile software dev. courses into the curriculum. - their soo obstinate&dogmatic, and many of the lecturers don't even see reason to think mobile software deving.

    Its quite tedious here; for a student to convince the Faculty/Univ. administration to change their old-consistent line of thinking.

    My complaint was focused at the Nokia-establishment in Nigeria.

    I know that if there was some unusual external influence on the university;they'd see reason.
    For instance, If Nokia Nigeria was pursuing ,vigorously, mobile R&D and started partnering with key-selected universities in the country.
    By the time massive results come out of it, my university would re-think their stance &seek review of their curriculum to pick up the pace.

    I know i may not get change and development as rapid as i want. But i would like Nokia Reps. in Nigeria to show more,specific concern, beyond overseeing mobile phone sales. Especially if these Reps. are Nigerian.. they need to understand the deep potential of the devices they sell, besides their surface-features.
    Since on the standard level of nigeria-business, its how to make the most profit ( and in this case,at the expense of nigerians) .

    For instance, if they knew these devices can be used in "Transport" (an area i previously mentioned) to regulate traffic congestion -> in a university setting,(where a digital framework would first exist)

    Or mobile devices being used by students to call taxis or schedule
    their names into the commuter bus list.

    Or using the devices to pay for taxi fares, or shop for items into a digital trolley.

    Or to find their way around the university via real-time digital maps&points-of-interest;whether in the day or at night.

    Or using devices to check what's happening at their faculty while their physically not moving.
    et cetera. For transport, now think of other areas like Health,Language, Infrastructure, Social Amenities, Nature, Agriculture etc.

    Then think outside of the university setting, out to the urban regions of Nigeria, through the rural areas ,down to the very core of the country.
    Some of these apps. don't need high-end devices
    I was impressed at Dr. Nathan Eagle's approach to tackling some of the community probs. in kenya : showing that simple things (e.g. a Nokia 1600) can solve big problems. - when people are creative,and think outside the conventional box.

    We may not even have to use the potent force of raw mobile technology, simple people-awareness can also bring unusual results.

    Some of these areas require immense research&coordination. But nothing stops Nokia from dedicating a little part of their Nigerian HQ for R&D purposes. And i mean R&D like what is done in more elaborate NR-centres and partner univesities overseas.

    These Reps. are in one of the best position, i believe, to positively change the world of Nigeria, via Nokia. And THEY'RE NOT DOING ANYTHING IN THAT REGARDS.


    I see, thanx Dave.

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    Thumbs down Re: [moved] Nokia channels "Go To Market" "Selling mobile applications and content"

    Quite disappointing Nokia unable at least to communicate with developers. All you want is 'free apps' slaves? So many false efforts to populate Symbian and S60, instead of facing real world challenge, that is sick.

    Ok, replying to myself and all others interested.
    Nokia Catalogue seems to be coming...
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