i'm trying to write a simple sip client . I successfully register to the sip server and get the first invite , the problem is when my app receive invite
and i cancel it the second invite fail , no callback function is call on my app .
the cancel is done in
CSipEngine::IncomingRequest(TUint32 aIapId,CSIPServerTransaction* aTransaction ) callback function by sending
response = CSIPResponseElements::NewLC(487,SIPStrings::StringF( SipStrConsts::ECancel ));
delete response;
response = NULL;
delete iDialogAssoc;
iDialogAssoc = NULL;

my Environment is :
symbian s60 sdk 3rd fp1
the remote sip client is : x-lite
my app is running on the emulator
the PBX is asterisk

does my cancel method is correct ?
the iInviteServerTransaction can be delete only after sending 200 (ok ?) so
how do i delete it in a cancel situation ?