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    S60 3rd Edition (Initial Release)

    Hi, what does it mean to be initial release?

    I've recently tried to install my application (S60 3rd edition FP1) on a S60 3rd Edition (Initial Release) device, E62, via deviceanywhere.

    However, it returns me an error: "Installation of get file not supported."

    Is there an SDK for me to compile under initial release? Or is there a solution to the above mentioned problem?

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    Re: S60 3rd Edition (Initial Release)

    Yes, there is SDK available for S60 3rd initial release. Download it from this link: http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n...16-3.0-mr.html

    From drop-down list, select 2nd entry, i.e: 3rd Edition, Maintenance release(328 MB)

    Note that application built for S60 3rd FP1 SDK should get installed fine without any problem on S60 3rd Initial release phones, provided that the APIs used in the application are not deprecated. But it is always best practice to use correct SDK with respect to the target phones.

    PS: As far your installation problem exists on E62 device, I would like to mention that E-series devices do not allow "Unsigned" application by default. You need to change one setting on the phone to allow "Self-signed" applications to be installed on the phone. You can find that option under
    App.Manager >> Options >> Settings >> Software Installation >> All
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