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    Media Gallery-restrict permission to image folders.

    I have to implement the folder locker (by setting the password) and unlocking (by entering the password) for my Image gallery application.
    For example, if i have 4 image folders like Birthday, Marriage, Friends and Outing.

    I want to restrict access to each folder before opening, for this to achieve, we need to set password for each folder.

    User has to identify the locked folder and unlocked folder with different notifications.

    How to achieve this?Information on this would be helpful.

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    Re: Media Gallery-restrict permission to image folders.


    Folders in Symbian can't be password protected as standard. There are three ways you can do this reliably.
    1) Use sub-folders of your application's private folder - then the whole access control mechanism is entirely down to you as only your application can access them - you could store a file with the passwords for each folder in the private folder too and simply not display that file to applications.

    2) Implemement a separate server which keeps the folders in its private directory and controls access by other applications - this would allow you to share the images with other applications of your own construction, but not generally.

    3) If you need to put things in the real media gallery then you'll have to encrypt them so they can't be viewed by other applications and implement the encrypiton/decryption and access control yourself. You could potentially use a new file type and register your application to handle it so that it will be launched whenever there is an attempt to access one of the files from another application - then you can ask for the password.

    Hope that helps,


    P.S. If you just want general information on how to implement password protection of a directory then this is probably not the right discussion board. If you want an example of doing the full encryption and password protection thing on other OSs look at TrueCrypt.

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