Hi Experts,

I am using CAC plugin on 3rd ED FP2(N96 device). SetDownlinkVolume() API returns KErrNotSupported in my application. What could be a reason for that?

Its surprising that this API works fine if I call it from outside (i.e. to test I setup a Call and In simple hello world program I called this API from option menu and it worked without any error and I can see the volume change as well) However exact copy-paste code does not work in my application. I have checked capabilities as well and capabilities that were included in hello world are all present in my Application also. Sometime it worked also in my program (like once in 10 attempt) so it may be some condition on which it returns error.

I am stuck and already spent a week with no clue except for comment and uncommenting different areas of code. and it worked sometime but not always.

Your help is appreciated.

Best Regards