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    MobiMB software from Logomanager


    I am an unfortunate user of a pirated software MobiMB from Logomanager. Unfortunate because I've played around with this software and came across some things that I cannot undo. This software makes it possible to upload images ringtones and java apps into my 6100. It also can set the logo, wallpaper and startup logo based on the graphic files you have in your gallery. The problem which arouse is that since today I am not able to save a downloaded logo file (error message: unable to save file). Above all when I upload bmp or jpg or even gif files there are in my phone for a couple of seconds and then they dissapear, but this doesn't always happen. Has anybody come across a problem like that? I know that something like that happens in the 7210 and 6610 whith this software. Is there any method to master reset the 6100 from the user side? Restoring factory setting doesn't work in this matter. Maybe shotrcircuting the backup battery (capacitor) might help to erase the memory (if the data isn't storred in flash hehe). Please help.


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    RE: MobiMB software from Logomanager


    This is not a right place to ask questions like this. Maybe you should point your questions to software vendor, ie. Logomanager.

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