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    QStringList data on a QWidget


    How to display the QStringList data on a QWidget.

    I have follwing data in my QStringList object.
    I want to display this data on the widget.

    Code Snippet for the same is below:
    The following code gets the folder list under c:\\Data\\Images\\Pictures.I want to display this list on a widget.

    QDir dir("c:\\Data\\Images\\Pictures");//
    QStringList list = dir.entryList();
    QStringList::Iterator it1 = list.begin();
    QMessageBox::information(NULL, "",*it1);
    while( it1 != list.end())
    QMessageBox::information(NULL, "", *it1);

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    Re: QStringList data on a QWidget

    What sort of QWidget? A new custom one? A text box of some sort, editable? A selection list or menu of some kind?

    Look at the list of widgets available in the QtGui module and see if any of them look like they might be suitable, then look at the API and see if you can work out how to add the strings from your list to the widget.


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    Re: QStringList data on a QWidget

    Can you please explain wht kind of the data you want to display? You can use either a lineedit or textedit or simply use some label and than setText using stringlist.

    Jajal Mehul

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