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    Symbian UI Application Development Options

    Hi All,

    I am newbie to Symbian Application Development. Symbian Application could be console based or GUI based or DLLs. We have Carbide.c++ for Application Development. Previously only Express Edition was free. Now they have made the Professional and OEM editions also free. Console or DLLs dont need GUI so no problems. But for GUI based do we need licence? We have following options
    1. New Symbian OS C++ Project -> S60 3rd Edition GUI Application -> It generates the files. But we have to write code manually. Don't we have RAD tool or WYSIWYG tool for UI?
    2. New -> S60 UI Option - I am not sure if this should be used for UI design. Currently i get the Flexnet licence error. Thats ok, i need to apply for license. But is this or the first one is the option for UI design. Does this option gives us RAD or WYSIWYG abilities? Any details, how much is the cost of license.
    3. Carbide.ui - This is only for themes right? We can't create UI of application for this?

    So, as now Carbide.C++ is free, I can develop the Symbian Applications (GUI based) freely (But i am confused why 2nd, 3rd option stated above is needed then?). Only cost involved would be getting the application Symbian Signed. Please correct me if i am wrong.

    I was trying to understand the Symbian Application Development options and Tools. Please provide, if you want to give any guidance apart from above things from a newbie point of view :).

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Symbian UI Application Development Options


    Resolved the issue. Downloaded Carbide.C++ v2.0. Now i dont get the Flexnet error. And they have option for UI design also :) .. Still havent started to use. But as i go on i will learn.. For doubts thanks to Nokia Forum. Great source of knowledge..


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