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    Image Decoder with no GUI on a DLL


    I've been trying to convert a regular UCHAR .bmp (from a buffer) to CFbsBitmap using the iDecoder = CImageDecoder:: DataNewL(fsSession, imgptr, CImageDecoder::EOptionNone);

    And later:

    TFrameInfo iFrameInfo = iDecoder->FrameInfo();
    TInt frameCount = iDecoder->FrameCount();
    TSize size = iFrameInfo.iOverallSizeInPixels;
    TInt err = mBitmap->Create(size, EGray2);
    TSize bsize = mBitmap->SizeInPixels();
    iDecoder->Convert(&iStatus, *mBitmap);

    I'm having problems to get the conversion even though I'm starting the sessions.

    RFs& fsSession = mFs;

    The call to iDecoder->Convert(&iStatus, *mBitmap); returns and leads to RunL(). However, even though the size of the bitmap that I created is correct, the new mBitmap is always empty.

    I'm doing this on a dll, therefore I have no GUI. I have tried to start new sessions, etc but I always remain with an empty bmp.

    What else could I be missing from the session?

    I have even tried the following with no luck:


    What is the procedure for using the image decoder when using a dll and no GUI? I do not want to end up writing the .bmp to .mbm converter code just because this doesn't work.


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    Re: Image Decoder with no GUI on a DLL

    1. I think giving the mime type to Image Decoder may help try iDecoder = CImageDecoder:: DataNewL(fsSession, imgptr, ,_L8("image/bmp",CImageDecoder::EOptionNone). Usually CImageDecoder tries to guess the image type from data header and it might be guessing to something wrong.

    2. mBitmap->Create(size, EGray2)!! you are creating a 1 bpp image which will only contain black/white pixels it may be the case that your bmp may be this new color space all pixels might be mapped to black pixels. Please try the color mode of EGray256 or higher to confirm this.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Image Decoder with no GUI on a DLL

    Also you could try whether CWsBitmap would work better instead of CFbsBitmap.

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