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Thread: HTTP tutorials

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    HTTP tutorials

    Hi, I'm after some HTTP programming tutorials that start from base principles. All the ones I can find seem to just be throwing big words around. Help would be appreciated.

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    Re: HTTP tutorials

    I think that depends on what you mean by 'Big Words'.

    If those Big Words are 'RHTTPSession' 'RHTTPTransaction etc then API is the problem. You can can try the going through HTTP API examples in Examples\AppProts directorty. Also this wiki like may help http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph..._on_Symbian_OS.

    If 'Big Words' are 'Request' , Response-Body Mime Headers Status Codes etc then HTTP is a problem . I would suggest you just get an overview of the protocol. Wikipedia like will be more then sufficient for this purpose http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperte...nsfer_Protocol. Please bear in mind that symbian HTTP api if designed keeping http protocol flow in mind.

    Finally if Big Words are 'RStringF' RStringF Descriptors TPtrC8 etc then i would suggest basic symbian tutorial which are of plenty on wiki. Please get a good grasp of basic symbian types like descriptors , class types/notations etc before going after non trivial stuff like HTTP Transactions.

    Hope that helps,

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