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Thread: Text to speech

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    Text to speech

    I need to find answer to these questions:

    1) How to override phone language selection? (now Text-To-Speech's spoken language is always same as phone language selection. For example if user uses different language selection than english, TTS will announce english very badly)

    2) How to make TTS to announce TInt numbers (for example 205) like two-hundred-five instead of two-zero-five?

    3) How to make volume setting for TTS? (so user can adjust volume)

    I am using CMdaAudioPlayerUtility class for playing TEXT inputted

    Thanks for advance.


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    Re: Text to speech


    1) You can set the language in the TTS style parameters, although I think this might only be available in the FP2 TTS plug-in.

    2) You could parse the text and convert numbers into words youself before sending them to the TTS engine - I don't think there's a default setting for this, since the number may be a phone number or similar and so very difficult to know how it should be said!

    3) You can simply set the volume used by CMdaAudioPlayerUtility (there are SetVolume(), GetVolume() and MaxVolume() methods) - the UI for controling the volume is entirely up to you - sliders are popular.


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    Re: Text to speech

    Styles are available in FP2, for earlier you need API partnering. Secondly, when you create plugin for voice playing, check what plugin you load. If you load both HQTTS & TTS, it always fallsback to TTS even HQTTS sound is available. Within HQTTS plugin, you can use different styles for voice.

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