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    Comparing two images in J2ME

    I am doing a project named Video Surveillance System using J2ME. I finished two packages JSR135 and JSR120. But now i have the problem.... i have taken two images... but dont know how to compare two images.. i have to check both images are same or not.... how can i identify that??? Any source code available means then send me the link as soon as you can ....Give the Source code for Pixel comparison algorithm in J2ME

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    Re: Comparing two images in J2ME

    no updates on this topic?

    Does anyone knows a very simple algorithm for comparing 2 images that can be implemented on mobile?

    Just give me an idea about it, a web site may be...


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    Re: Comparing two images in J2ME

    I am afraid there wont be any simple algorithm so to speak to compare two images, there are a few links below for doing the same on java, see if you can port them to j2me :-


    I wont be surprised if the JSR's needed for most of them arent available on the mobile though.

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