I am trying to log functions (all functions , to generate call stack with bare function names )and leaves with the Help of Hooklogger for my SDK3FP1_2 executable . After start of my program my emulator starts getting a series of fatal errors . How to solve this to be able to generate a proper Hook Log ?
I am attaching a sample .
Failed upon instr (0x60) at 378F20D0
Failed upon instr (0x98) at 378F8E3A
Failed upon instr (0x48) at 378FFA5C
My Hook Log says something like this at this point .

BOOT: Hooked emulator connected at 02/05/09 14:31:22
BOOT: Bootstrap EXE="", version=0.0.0, arch=EKA0, cell_ovr 0 heap_ovr 0
BOOT: Deduced path 
BOOT: OS ver 5.1 build 2600 sp 3.0

BOOT: ImageHlp, PDBReader

DEBUG: Module euser.dll, hooked image 60000000 .. 6009b000
DEBUG: Module epoc.exe, hooked image 00400000 .. 0040a000
DEBUG: Module ekern.exe, hooked image 05560000 .. 055e8000
DEBUG: Module ecust.dll, hooked image 055f0000 .. 0564a000
DEBUG: Module EUserParasite_EKA2.dll, hooked image 10000000 .. 1004c000
DEBUG: Module XNLAYOUTENGINE.dll, hooked image 35b40000 .. 35bcb000
DEBUG: Module XNUTILS.dll, hooked image 35bd0000 .. 35be5000
DEBUG: Module XnRequestClient.dll, hooked image 35bf0000 .. 35c02000
DEBUG: Module XnClientSession.dll, hooked image 36670000 .. 36682000
DEBUG: Module xnviewfactory.dll, hooked image 37790000 .. 377a9000
DEBUG: Module xngridfactory.dll, hooked image 377b0000 .. 377ed000
DEBUG: Module xnmenufactory.dll, hooked image 377f0000 .. 3780b000
DEBUG: Module xnbitmapfactory.dll, hooked image 37810000 .. 37823000
DEBUG: Module xntextfactory.dll, hooked image 37830000 .. 3784a000
DEBUG: Module MenuHandlerBrowser.dll, hooked image 37850000 .. 37862000
DEBUG: Module MenuHandlerDrm.dll, hooked image 37870000 .. 37882000
DEBUG: Module MenuHandlerSat.dll, hooked image 378a0000 .. 378b3000