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    Question Full screen mode?


    i know that canvas support the full screen mode for mobile applications but it wont show the commands in full screen mode, and I'm searching if there is another way to make my application runs with full screen mode and showing the commands "i think it's not possible", but anyone comes with a solution? let me know please.

    10x in advance


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    Smile Re: Full screen mode?

    hi HSwaidan,

    there's no another way in j2me, this will depend on the mobile device.

    MIDP 1.0 does not support this feature, only MIDP 2.0 will support this feature,

    if you want to do this u can do it using LWUIT....


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    Re: Full screen mode?

    Commands don't show (on most devices) in full-screen mode. Though, there is no specific definition of what "full-screen" means. On Motorolas, "full-screen" still shows the status bar (battery, signal, etc) at the top.

    Most devices do give you keyPressed() events for softkeys (but not always keyReleased()), so there's nothing to stop you implementing your own softkeys. This is simpler if you only want two commands.

    Downside is: since you need to hard-code the key-codes for the softkeys, this needs modification for different devices.

    But, here's a sample.

    public abstract class FullCommandCanvas extends Canvas {
        /// set these values appropriate to the device
        private static final int LEFT;
        private static final int RIGHT;
        private CommandListener listener;
        private Command left;
        private Command right;
        private int softkeyRegionHeight;
        public FullCommandCanvas() {
            softkeyRegionHeight = Font.getDefault().getHeight();
        public void addCommand(Command c) {
            throw new IllegalStateException();
        public void removeCommand(Command c) {
            throw new IllegalStateException();
        public void setLeftCommand(Command c) {
            left = c;
        public void setRightCommand(Command c) {
            right = c;
        public void setCommandListener(CommandListener l) {
            listener = l;
        public int getHeight() {
            return super.getHeight() - softkeyRegionHeight;
        public abstract void paintDelegate(Graphics g);
        public final void paint(Graphics g) {
            // paint softkey area
            int softkeyTop = getHeight();
            int w = getWidth();
            g.fillRect(0, softkeyTop, w, softkeyRegionHeight);
            g.drawString(left.getLabel(), 0, softkeyTop, Graphics.LEFT | Graphics.TOP);
            g.drawString(right.getLabel(), w, softkeyTop, Graphics.RIGHT | Graphics.TOP);
            // delegate to subclass
            g.clipRect(0, 0, w, softkeyTop);
        public abstract void keyPressedDelegate(int keycode);
        public final void keyPressed(int keycode) {
            if (listener != null && keycode == LEFT) {
                listener.commandAction(left, this);
            } else if (listener != null && keycode == RIGHT) {
                listener.commandAction(right, this);
            } else {

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    Re: Full screen mode?

    10x for replying

    i realized before that full screen mode with commands wont work on most devices , i just tried to see if someone gets a solution but i think it's not available, anyway 10x for ur help.

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