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    6212 - how to store data from midlet into internal mifare

    hello all.

    I have been using the 6212 emulator (i am waiting on a data cable to arrive to try the real phone) and have developed a few test MIDlets to read tags etc...

    I wish to store data in either the secure element or the internal mifare area. Am i right in saying i can either develop a Java Card Applet to live on the SE (and no such apps come with it by default?) which my MIDlet can talk to, or the alternative is to store data directly via my MIDlet to the mifare? What are the advantages/disadvantages of storing data in either SE or midfare?

    I am fairly new to NFC and the SE part of this, and i have spent a good few days solid reading documentation and SDKs and basically everything i can get my hands on, but i am struggling to even store a simple amount of data.

    I have tried the code below, which on the emulator, throws an exception saying "java.io.IOException: Connection error: secure element off".

        String internalUrl = System.getProperty("internal.mf.url"); // this returns nfc:rf;type=mf;mode=internal
    	  MFStandardConnection conn = (MFStandardConnection) Connector.open(internalUrl); // this throws the IOException
    How do i access the internal mifare tag and read/write data?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Re: 6212 - how to store data from midlet into internal mifare

    I am getting the exact same exception when I try to open a connection to "internal.mf.url". What needs to be changed to open this connection? Is it a phone setting? I couldn't find any settings that worked.


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    Re: 6212 - how to store data from midlet into internal mifare

    I see two possible ways to solve this problem:

    1. Activate the card on the phone: in the main menu, go to NFC>NFC Settings and check that NFC is on and cards are always avilable.

    2. Change the security domain. In the emulator preferences, go to MIDP, overrule default handset behavior and choose the "Maximum" security domain.

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    Re: 6212 - how to store data from midlet into internal mifare

    am new in this topic, and am not an expérimented developer....now am working on a project to créate an application for the nokia 6212 that use the NFC...i think i am on the wrong way...so may be my questions will apppear to you pointless but i have no other solution...
    how must i proceed in the first step?? wich packages i have to use?? plateforms??
    now i am using netbeans the s40 and the emulator of the N 6212...it works...but ...i have no idea about the initial steps
    so if any one can help...
    thank you verry much

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    Re: 6212 - how to store data from midlet into internal mifare

    Hallo usfstudent,

    first of all, you posted your question as a reply to an exisiting thread (especially an existing thread that is not related to your question). Please start a new thread if you have a new question.

    Regarding Java ME development for NFC I would suggest you start with the WIKI page on NFC (although I have to admit that many links are broken :-( . You might also want to take a look at the FAQ page fo the Nokia 6131. There is also a section with code examples for programming the NFC functionality (here).


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