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    Download & Install Engine and Widget with One Click?


    This seems like a big ask, but is it possible to zip up the WidSets widget engine with one widget (into one zip file), place the whole lot on a server and download install with once click? I am new to WidSets and have a client who wants to do just that.

    Thank you.

    Regards Brett S

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    Re: Download & Install Engine and Widget with One Click?

    The WidSets client requires an server account and the widget must be preinstalled/associated with that account so the solution you seek might not be as simple as creating a zip (I guess you mean a .jar) file.

    See http://www.widsets.com/info/partners.html, there might be a way for you to achieve that you need with the help of the Widsets team.
    -- Lucian

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