I am new to developing applications using Symbian C++. I need to add a feature of sending and receiving MMS messages to an S60 application using S60 2nd Edition FP3 and Symbian 8.1a

I used objects of the following classes to send out an MMS message:

CMsvEntry, TMsvEntry
(using CMmsClientMtm::CreateAttachment2L and CMmsClientMtm::CreateTextAttachmentL to attach image and text)


I try using objects of the following classes to receive the text of the MMS message:


Basically on a MMsvSessionObserver::HandleSessionEventL

On EMsvEntriesCreated:

Filter for a MMS message type
Create an Object to receive the MMS contents

On EMsvEntriesChanged:

Filter for a MMS message type
Retrieve our Object handling the MMS contents
Try to Load the Object with text and image attachments

**My problem** is that I dont have a way to get a handle to the attachments in the CMsvStore either using an MMsvAttachmentManager or the CMmsClientMessage classes. I read the description of how the MMS headers and media objects are retrieved through the MMSUtils part of the SDK since Symbian 7.0 but I am yet to find this library and associated headers in the S60 SDK I have installed.

Our SDK version is : S60 2.8 = 2nd Ed., Feature Pack 3 (N90, N70, Samsung SGH-Z600)

Kindly advise as to what classes I could use to fetch the attachments of an incoming MMS message. Kindly suggest with pseudocode and class names.

Regards and Thanks in advance