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    Talking S60 2nd FP3 how to connect emulator to internet / apache localhost

    1st of all my configuration:
    - SDk 2.3 Symbian S60 2nd ed. FP 3
    - Device N70
    - Software development Carbide C++
    - connection dial up modem

    what i want to ask, how to connect to internet via emulator in SDK 2.3,
    i try with service application and HTTP Client example but it returning with error-34 which means failed to connect.
    i try the setting from various post : in sdk 1.x i should download ethernet program and setting it (which i dont need this 'cos in 2.x its already available), and i know i should setting the networking (in 3rd edition its not necessary cos its already available to direct connect).

    1. How exactly i have to setting the networking for emulator in sdk 2.3 so that it can connect to internet and try it with service app or HTTPExample Client app ?
    2. How to connect emulator to apache webserver (localhost)? (i already try changing localhost with ip address but it cannot worked) example:
    3. maybe i wrong with ip configuration (my PC is not connected with LAN, but uses direct modem with dial up (at default the ip is obtain automatically)), how exactly i should configure my ip, subnet, gateway, DNS ?
    4. should i configure my ethernet setting in emulator (not just networking in my PC)? (should i configure it exactly the same ip like in PC networking setting)

    BTW, thanks for answering... cos im newbie in networking stuff..
    and i already desperate try this things in days...

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    Re: S60 2nd FP3 how to connect emulator to internet / apache localhost

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    Talking Re: S60 2nd FP3 how to connect emulator to internet / apache localhost

    After searching from this forum and another forum sucess is achieved.

    for the record: i use sdk 2.3 and dont have connection to another computer (which means no ethernet card).. for anyone with ethernet card and connection to another computer just skip to number 4.. (i think )

    To connect to apache webserver (aka Localhost):
    -for anyone who not connected to another computer:
    1. Install Microsoft LoopBack Adapter. add new hardware->Select from list in installing new device [network adapters ]
    2. Go to the properties of network connection on the last page make it shared for LAN of MLBA (firewalled or not doesnt matter)
    After You do this Windows will automaticly assign ip address for MLBA and will ask you to not change it.
    3. Run cmd ipconfig in command prompt and see what ip and subnet mask has MLBA remember it!
    for example lets assume it will be:
    ip :
    subnet mask:

    4. Goto the Ethernet support config in your symbian SDK (in emulator--- tools->preferences

    Check network adapter in promisicuous mode

    select use the following ip address

    in the field ip type: (different from computer ip)
    in the field mask:
    in the field Gateway!!!! : (gateway of MLBA)
    !!!!(The trick is to use in Gateway ip of your MLBA ) !!!!

    type any DNS but it must be working DNS.

    proxy i think is not needed.

    And after all, select button "Adapters" and choose your MLBA.
    (thanks to tImer post in NewLc.com)

    5. change /localhost/ with your computer ip address not emulator ip eg:

    thats it have fun .....

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